Camera Basic 101 -  $175

Wanting to take your camera from Auto mode to Manual?

Learn how to use White Balance, Reading your Histogram and Learn about how the Exposure Triangle works.

Group Size Limited to 20 Participants

Package includes Two - 2 hour Sessions


Camera Basics Mentorship - $375

Learning the basic function and features of Canon and Nikon Cameras

Rob will share his knowledge with you going over the particulars of your equipment and assist you in taking the shot you are looking for.

1st Session Studio/Classroom setting

2nd Session will be in the field practical application

Group Size Limit 6 Participants

Package includes Two - 3 hour sessions

Studio Instruction includes: studio, triggers, backdrops, props, lights, soft box, beauty dish and model when needed


Lightroom Editing - $200

During the course participants will take pictures in studio. Rob will then assist in creating a balanced photo using

Lightroom with the photos that were taken.

Group Size Limit 6 Participants

Package includes Two -  2 hour sessions

Studio Instruction includes: studio, triggers, backdrops, props, lights, soft box, beauty dish and model when needed


Photography the Business - $450

Rob will share his knowledge of having a photography business.

From what gear to use to how to start or grow your business and building your client base. You will learn how to capture the most important memories of their lives.

Group Size Limit 6 Participants

Package includes Two -  3 hour sessions


Intermediate to Advanced -  $375

Now that you have an solid understanding of Photography

Rob will assist you taking your work to the next level including topics such as  Wildlife, Sports-Events and Landscape Photography and many other topics

Group Size Limit 6 Participants

Package includes Two - 3 hour Sessions


Becoming a Professional - $2295

Rob will provide 1 on 1 mentoring with a weekly three-hour session over the course of eight weeks sharing the knowledge that took him 30 years to gain.

During this time he will assist you in becoming a Professional Photographer

Package includes Eight– 3 hour private Sessions




Northern Utah Bald Eagle Photo Tour                  Utah Wild Horses       

Delta Utah - Snow Geese                             Antelope Island State Park

Green River Big Horn Sheep Adventure       Grand Teton National Park

During each tour Rob will do his best to get you up and close with the wildlife while giving you the hands-on tips and training on how to get the images like the professionals, get away from automatic mode on your camera, and get the most out of your camera while capturing the stunning animals.

Group Size Limit 4 Participants

Tours Range from  $175 to $575 depending on the Adventure Tour

-Prices Exclude Africa & Alaska



Instructor Rob Daugherty

    Born in Hood River, Oregon in 1962, Rob Daugherty has always been very involved with animals and nature making photography a priority in his life. His employment in Law Enforcement with the Federal Fisheries Agency on the Columbia River gave him the opportunity to view wildlife from land, sea and air further inspiring him to capture the landscapes and wildlife that he encountered on a daily basis in the two states of his jurisdiction. From photographing Bald Eagles in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge to the landscapes of the Oregon coastline and capturing the wildlife of the breathtaking Mt Hood National Forest, Rob laid the foundation for what would become his life’s passion.

    As Rob explored his photography skills in his free time, his career in law enforcement opened another door for him. While at the shooting range one day, he found that frequent trips to the car for ammo and other items was taking away from his concentration and valuable time. He states “I realized at the time that I needed a way to carry my stuff with me.” So he went home and designed his first vest on his kitchen table, shared the prototype with a police supply company in Portland, Oregon, jokingly asking how many they wanted, and promptly took his first order of 25 vests, launching his career in a new direction.


“To this day, conservation and protection of our wildlife and nature remains a vital part of who I am.” – Rob Daugherty


    After moving to Northern Utah in 2005, Rob was inspired by the large number of wildlife photography opportunities available within short distances of his North Salt Lake home. With several state and National parks in close proximity to his home, Rob has honed his skills to include the capturing of his subjects in their most vulnerable moments. From the delivery of a Bison calf which must be able to stand and join the herd within less than an hour of birth so as not to be left behind to witnessing a mother bear teaching her cubs to forage for means of survival. He has developed a great sense of patience in waiting for that “One Shot” that will leave you with a deep appreciation for nature and all of its wonders. His greatest inspiration is driven by his love for both Yellowstone and Teton National Parks which he travels to more than 15 times each year in addition to dozens of other State and National Parks.

    As an international photographer, Rob has experienced places and cultures that have humbled him and instilled in him an even greater appreciation for the world in which we live. His international travels include: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China.

    His frequent trips to our nation’s most picturesque National Parks include Yellowstone, the Tetons, Arches, Zion, Canyonlands, Bryce, and Capitol Reef, as well as numerous state parks, wildlife refuges and bird sanctuaries.