Rob's Wildlife Photography Tours

Join National Geographic Award Winning Professional Wildlife Photographer Rob Daugherty for wildlife guided sightseeing and wildlife photography tours across the world. Tours are offered year round. Rob's Wildlife Tours are perfect for photographers and nature lovers of all ages and experience levels.


Click on the links below to learn more about specific wildlife photo tours.


Africa Wildlife Tour

African Wildlife Photography Safari


Imagine staying inside the Serengeti National Park, falling asleep to sounds of the wild and waking up to see giraffes grazing as you eat breakfast. Each day you will get to photograph some of the very best wildlife Africa has to offer. Learn more...

Wild Horses

Wild Horses of the West Desert Photography Tour

Spend the day amidst a very large herd of wild horses. See everything from horses grazing and chasing each other to mares nursing their colts. Learn more...

Antelope Island, Utah Photography Tour

Looking for things to do in Salt Lake City? Explore a hidden gem just north of Salt Lake City.

Antelope Island is home to coyotes, American bison, pronghorn, deer, burrowing owls, great horned owls, barn owls, hawks, eagles, badgers, and beautiful landscapes. Learn more...

Coastal Brown Bears of Alaska


Northern Utah Bald Eagle Photography Tour

Photograph the majestic "kings of the sky" bald eagles. Learn the tell sign eagles give immediately prior to action so you can get "that" shot. Learn more...

Central Utah Snow Geese Photography Tour

See hundreds of Snow Geese in Delta, Utah. Choose from the day tour or overnight tour options. Snow Geese tours are seasonal. Learn more...

Big Horn Sheep Photography Tour

Big Horn Sheep rutting season is in full swing in the fall in Green River. Photograph from the car or get out and hike. Learn more...