I usually review stuff I like and find that makes my job easier and better, but I have to tell exactly what happen with my recent trip to Alaska 

I purchased two Seagate external Hard Drives from Amazon before my trip to Redoubt Mountain Lodge

I arrive at a remote locating only accessible by float plane,  the First day was Epic, 21 Bear, Bald Eagles...  I go to Download over 2300 images from that day, and my computer would not recognize Drive #1,  so put Drive #2  downloaded the images, and did this the next few days.

I had no Back up to over 11,000 images, so when I arrived back in Anchorage, I bought another hard drive  I thought I had backed up all my images, and it was not until a couple days after I returned home and was going though my images, and Drive #2 Vaporized, with all 11K+ images, it was then when I went to my backup drive that I purchased in Anchorage, it was then I realized I had not backup everything ;-(

This is not the first time Seagate drives have failed me, but in the past, they have been able to be recovered, but not this time, they do not spin up, I supposed I could spend several hundred or thousand to try to recover the lost images, and someday I may,  but one thing for sure, I will Never buy another product from Seagate.

Since this incident, I have purchased a couple 512 Gig Flash Drives,  when traveling I backup to these, and when i return, I back up in a couple other locations.

I understand they are electronic and things happen, but 2 drives on one trip, unacceptable 

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Since this mishap, I only use Toshiba Hard Drives

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