A Professional Photographer's Favorite Photography Gear

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The first product I want to share with you is something I designed years ago and always have stowed in my vehicle so it's readily accessible whenever a photography moments arises; it's a bean bag camera support manufactured by The Vest Guy.

I try to photograph from my vehicle as much as possible since it allows animals to feel more comfortable. The camera bean bag wraps about the car door window and provides stability when photographing wildlife, including video. It's portable and lightweight so in addition to using the bean bag over the car window I can carry it into the field and throw it over a railing, rock, or fence post to photograph wildlife.

Portable Lightweight Camera Support Bag by TheVestGuy.comPortable Lightweight Camera Support Bag by TheVestGuy.com

The camera bean bag support is Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty. Prices starts at $49.95, comes in 3 different sizes, and in a large variety of solid and patterned color choices.


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