I have been with Massage Envy for 12 years now. That's approximately $7,644 in "membership" dues. That's a decent chuck of change. Due to past issues, I have made sure I document and record the calls when I contact them and verify how many massage sessions I have accrued so we're on the same page.


Here's a summary of my experience over the last few years.


2/26/2018 - Called to make an appointment with Bountiful Massage Envy. They can't get me in same day. They say I have 9 (1 hour) sessions accrued. (Here's the audio of 2/26/18 conversation stating I had 9 remaining.)


2/28/18 - I set up an appointment at the Salt Lake Massage Envy for a 90 minute massage. Feel free to double check my math, but if 48 hours prior I had 9x 1 hour massage, if I get a 90 minute massage, I could have another 7.5 remaining. 


3/20/18 - Another billing cycle passes, another 1 hour massage is added to my account. (7.5+1=8.5)

3/27/18 - Called to book 1 hour massage; they say I have 8 massages avaabile. 8?!?! I inform them they're incorrect. (Here's that 3/27/18 audio) Within an hour or so, they call me to say the therapist had a emergency and the appointment is cancelled and we'd need to reschedule. No problem!

4/17/18 - Book another appointment for 4:00pm. Asked how many I have, they say only 7. I remind them it's 8.5 and didn't use anything on 3/27. I inform them I have documentation of their employees specifying what I had; they say their Manager would get back to me. Shortly before my 4:00pm apt Sadie calls me to says there's only 7 sessions on my account and the other employees must have told me incorrectly.  (Audio 04-17-18 Massage Envy)


Bottom line.... Investing $7,644 in a membership at Massage Envy resulted in 2 separate employees can provide false information on the same account and the only compensation they'll provide customers is "we'll have a chat with them." Hmm.... If should have known better. There were problems before like...... 

Other bad problems with Massage Envy

December 2015 - Very Disappointing after 9 years of being a member with…/… I am cancelling my membership

12/17/15 - Book a 90 minute massage; after appointment I'm told there's 3.5 massage. I thought it was more but wasn't going to challenge it.

12/20/15 - Another billing cycle passes, another credit SHOULD be accrued. (3.5+1=4). NOPE! They say I still have 3.5 even after the billing cycle.(Facebook December 2015)


5/2017 - Called @10:32am, changed plans for the day so I could make my massage and get a well needed relaxation time. Scheduled 90 minute massage. I show up early since they told me to come early (they were switching over to paperless and I needed to fill out the iPad questionnaire). I complete the electronic questionnaire. When I give it back to the receptionist she tells me someone cancelled my appointment so I no longer had an appointment scheduled. (Facebook Post May 2017)

If you'd like to express your concern to Massage Envy Bountiful, they can be reached at 801-295-0290.