Bean Bag Camera Support


The Vest Guy-10305

Product Description:

USA Made Bean Bag Camera support system available in 3 sizes, small (5x9x9), large (9x9x9) and extra large (9x9x12). Effective lens support system designed for use in wildlife, landscape, sport/event photography. Provides stable yet flexible support of multiple lens sizes. Great for use in vehicle window, trunk, or hood. Can also be used on fence posts, rocks, tree limbs and stumps, railings, or used as a support when shooting at ground level. Suggested fillers: dry beans, rice, bird seed, sunflower seeds.

Rob's favorite Buckwheat hulls from Available in numerous colors: black, coyote, olive, navy, forest green, ACU Camo, Woodland Camo, Crye Multi-cam, ATACS...

Urban 5 Photo Vest (rental)


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Product Description:

Vest Rental !!!!

Rent the Urban5 Photography Vest, Pick your color and Size, if you like and we know you will, 100% of your Rental fee goes to the Purchase of this Vest

All our Photo Vests Rentals will be available in Black Mesh or Coyote Mesh and sizes from Medium-2XL Vest Rental will be 7 days not including shipping time back and forth, We will pay for the Return Shipping if you decide you do not want to purchase it. we allow 3 days shipping each direction, if you decided to keep it extra days it will be $12. per day

When returned, the Condition of the vest will be the same as when you rented vest, if the vest is damaged, you are responsible for said repairs $35.00 minimum fee.

Below is the Description of the Vest if you were to Buy it, renting this vest will not have all of those options.

(2) Standard Lens Pockets, Great for Wide Angle Lens, 24-70, 24-105... it will also Accommodate a Flash & Battery Pack (1) Cargo Pocket 10 X 8 X 5 this Pocket will Hold up to (3) Standard / Wide-angle Lens, we supply (2) Dividers, or remove the velcro It also has a utility pocket 6 X 6 X 1.5 Most people use this on the upper breast area, it comes with an optional strip of velcro for a personalized name tag if desired, it has Inside and Outside Zipper Pockets, Elastic inside great for batteries and memory cards, Opposite of that is a 6X6 pocket with velcro closure and a slip behind pocket for additional items The Videos are Not of the Urban 5, but they re they to show you features of out photography vests