DSLR Camera Beginners - Intermediate Photography Workshop

Beginners, intermediate, advanced Photography WorkshopBeginners, intermediate, advanced Photography Workshop

Still shooting in automatic mode?


Photography is based upon fundamentals. Once you learn the fundamentals and have an in-depth understanding of digital camera functions, switching from automatic mode to manual mode will be easy. This DSLR Beginners - Intermediate Photography Workshop course teaches you the fundamentals to gain the confidence to take off the automatic mode "training wheels" and step up to manual mode. The Beginners - Intermediate photo workshop is a 4 hour long course including a 30 minute break. Workshop size is limited to 12 participants. Your registration is not confirmed until workshop fees are paid in full. 


During the DSLR Camera Beginners - Intermediate Photography Workshop you will learn:

  • Digital camera functions
  • Importance of Shutter Speeds
  • Exposure triangle (shutter speeds, ISO, apertures)
  • Correct composition
  • Setting and adjusting white balance
  • Basic metering modes
  • Automatic mode vs assisted settings vs manual mode
  • Proper exposure composition
  • What is a histogram and how to read it
  • JPEG vs RAW images


Course Investment: $175


CANCELLATION POLICY: Since workshop dates are limited, course fees are non-refundable. Should a student need to reschedule their course date, the request must be received a minimum of 7 days prior to original class date. Any student rescheduling requests received less than 7 days prior to original class date are subject to forfeiture. Classes are subject to cancellation by instructor. Students will be notified immediately if such cancellation should occur. If the instructor cancels or reschedules the workshop, students will be offered an alternative workshop date or refund.