TFCFL XML T6 Flashlight Review

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I LOVE my TFCFL XML T6 Flashlight


TFCFL Flashlight


I’m a gadget guy. (Honestly, which guy isn’t?) With 16 years of law enforcement, I have seen my fair share of flashlights. From photographing wildlife, experimenting with light painting and nightscape photography, or just having fun, I enjoy being outdoors and flashlights are a necessity. Not that long ago we went through the CERT training where the importance of emergency preparedness is stressed. I have an emergency go bag (EDC) with everything you could image but wasn’t entirely satisfied with my flashlights. They weren’t bad per se, but I always have my eyes open for quality gadgets and toys. When I stumbled cross the TFCFL XM-L T6 flashlight and saw it was under $40, I figured I’d give it a chance.

I ordered the TFCFL XML T6 10000 lumen flashlight from Amazon. It arrived yesterday and I got to play with it last night. Woot woot! I’ll let the flashlight speak for itself.



The 10,000 lumens is very bright, brighter than anything I’ve ever seen. The multiple bulbs make for more of a floodlight vs laser spot light. I am excited to use it for light painting distant objects for nightscape photography. It’s quite large (image the size of a soda can) but it’s aluminum frame keeps it lightweight. The flashlight will be a good addition to my emergency bag. I am ordering a second TFCFL flashlight to keep on my bed table. Whoever finds themselves on the other end of the flashlight will wish they hadn’t entered my house.

Looking for a LED flashlight alternative? I highly recommend the Smiling Shark 5,000 lumen headlamp too. I was happy with the headlamp until the LED flashlight arrived. In this case, brightness matters so the flashlight wins for me.


Smiling Shark Headlamp


Do you have a favorite flashlight or headlamp? Share with us in the comments below.



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